About Me - 2

I used to work in canoes, now I work in hockey.

My name is Madeleine Stroth, a sports communications professional with a passion for hockey, the outdoors, and starting ambitious DIY projects…

The past three years have been filled with creative problem solving as the Director of Communications for the Missouri Mavericks professional hockey team (ECHL) in Kansas City, MO.  I’ve challenged myself to elevate our brand through strategic social media management, consistent messaging, and careful relationship development in the community– all while living the dream of getting paid to watch hockey.

I got my start in hockey while pursuing a career in sports journalism.  One of my passion projects, justpuckinaround.com, landed me in KC on the other side of the credential table.  Between hockey seasons, I spend as much time as possible in the back country, guiding canoe trips, getting purposefully lost, and falling asleep in my hammock with a good book.

Years ago I told everyone I knew that I wanted to have my own Discovery Channel show. Sometimes, I think that’s still what I want.

I put passion into everything I do and am known to my peers as a hard-worker and the one to turn to who will always go the extra mile.  I believe in striving for excellence and learning something every step of the way.  There is always a new challenge to face head-on, a new tool to use, a new perspective to take, and countless opportunities to grow as a professional and a person.

I thrive in team environments, but am naturally driven to push myself as an individual to be counted on as a leader, a resource, and a valued consultant for others.

I take my coffee black when I’m relaxing, and with all the cream and sugar possible when under pressure.  Let’s connect and grab a cup.



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