One day, I was sent a PDF of this image.  An artfully designed new brand for the Missouri Mavericks, highlighting our winter sport while also strengthening the association of the team to Kansas City (courtesy Liquid9).


From there, I was tasked with translating this look across all possible channels and mediums, pioneering the integration of “Mavs HoKCey” into the team’s culture and aesthetic.  The first thing I did was ask for a layered document.

Then it was nothing but pocket schedules,

and season ticket books,

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large scale designs,

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and every other facet possible, seeking a cohesive team identity.

One of my favorite projects has been the redesign of— of which I have overseen two full complete overhauls.  The first redesign focused on improved functionality, while the latest version zeroed in on high-traffic components and a structure that flattered our new branding, but was flexible enough to accommodate changes down the road.  I find web-based projects incredibly gratifying in that much like social media campaigns, the engagement results are immediate and telling, bringing on the challenge of translating analytics to solutions.

By formal education, I’m no graphic designer, just the lucky one in the office who knows her way around an Adobe Creative Suite– credited almost entirely through trial and error and the University of YouTube.  I like to think of myself as intuitively aesthetic, in that I can readily decipher between that looks good and that needs to change.  Outside of that, I take advantage of beautiful photography to tell the story paired with mindful consideration of the audience and campaign intent.

My role in the brand management of the Missouri Mavericks has been to design and police the look of all produced assets, ensuring that all messaging is in line with the team’s look and feel.

I always try to take great care in communicating ideas and strategies to key partners and teammates in brand-specific projects, ensuring that the creative vision is achieved through a collective concept buy-in.  I learn and grow with my co-workers, and when everything connects, we succeed.  I’ve been fortunate enough to cultivate a strong working relationship with John Howe (Howe Creative Photography), the team photographer, who has helped me bring so many designs to life.