In order to be successful working in social media, I believe you have to be comfortable with two things: the fact that you will never master it, and failure.

Social media platforms, practices, tools and users are constantly evolving, requiring us professionals attempting to make sense of it to our clients advantage forced to not only evolve with it, but to push the envelope, try new things, and learn from our failures.

Exciting, isn’t it?

My favorite campaigns are sharable, informative, engaging, and entertaining.  I take advantage of thoughtful imagery, opportunities to educate, and any chance to inspire or make someone laugh.

In hockey, it’s easy to predict the most sharable and entertaining content: fighting.  I’ve found being quick on the draw with timely video content a staple, evident in this clip being the most-viewed and shared post on the Missouri Mavericks’ Facebook page .

The same can be said for being in the right place at the right time, especially when glass breaks during practice.  (And in this case, I really mean being in the right place at the right time, i.e. several steps to the right of the breaking glass and rocket of a slap shot that did the damage.)

One of the more recent projects that I really enjoyed working on was a quick playoff promotion for the Missouri Mavericks, highlighting our watch party locations. If social media is good for one thing, it’s sharing silly content that makes you smile so much, you forget your being sold something.

I find myself most drawn to beautiful images that evoke an emotion strong enough to move my finger to the share/RT button on instinct.  In sports, well-placed photography is essential to reignite memories that draw the fan back to the arena setting, planting that craving that seeks to see the spectacle again first-hand. (Photo Credit: John Howe, Howe Creative Photography).

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I genuinely enjoy working with social platforms, analyzing engagement and trends, and responding in kind to capitalize on those findings.  I am a strong advocate for respecting both client and end user, giving appropriate care towards every post and campaign, as there is wide reach gap between a post that was simply thrown up to fulfill an obligation and one that meaningfully connects with your followers after being strategically activated.