Tim Dwight

Iowa City native, Tim Dwight, began his football career as a Hawkeye before he charged on to play professionally for multiple NFL teams around the country.  Through his many transitions over the years, Dwight has always stood by his philosophy of preparation, “be ready, that’s what I would always say,” Dwight explains.

After almost a decade in the NFL, Dwight recognized an opportunity to leave his football days behind him.  “I was ready to be done,” says Dwight about the transition.

Dwight recognizes that he had an easier time than many professional athletes adjusting to life outside of the stadium because he immediately threw himself into a career that roused the same passion in him that he felt towards playing football.  “I wanted to find something that was new, I wanted the challenge,” says Dwight.

The former wide receiver discovered the green energy industry early after the end of his NFL career and instantly identified his connection to working towards spreading awareness of green energy technologies and sustainability.  “I like this, it makes me feel better,” says Dwight about his new line of work “I want to empower people to do this for themselves.”

Dwight compares the challenge of being “the new kid on the block” in the green energy industry with the same obstacles he faced when first starting out as the “new kid” in the NFL, but it was a challenge he welcomed just the same, and this time he has even more to gain, “I feel like I’m helping people,” says Dwight about his new life.

Fast and unexpected transitions from team to team and city to city are a regular part of life for a professional athlete, the largest and most difficult of these transitions often being the final move out of the NFL, but for Dwight, the right move came at the right time and he thinks himself better for it.  “I saw the opportunity, and it’s just taken me on this path,” Dwight reflects happily.


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